BioGasPlants Consulting
Consulting and Planning

Process Optimization / Repowering

When repowering a biogas plant, we focus on changes in science and technology as well as politics and societal values. Here it is important not to include the new technology at any cost or react to every political change. The biogas industry and all other renewable energies are protected by law. Therefore, it is important to always compare costs and benefits.

If a feasibility study and profitability assessment determines that changes equals improvement of a biogas plant and that it is necessary and profitable, BGA Consulting will assist you in all areas. This ranges from generating the individual calculations (e.g. liquidity and profitability assessments), to soliticing bids regarding the desired changes with manufacturers, to negotiating guarantees and interface linking.

Naturally, BGA Consulting will support you in the expansion of your biogas plant. In this case, our partner or customer can take advantage of individual consulting or planning points of a BGA Consulting biogas plant project. Examples include refinancing support and coordination as well as organizing and soliciting bids to biogas plant manufacturers.

The most frequently repowered elements of a biogas plant are:

- Plant size

- Cogeneration plant

- Converting the biogas plant from electricity and heat generation to gas treatment

- Insulating the fermenters

- Pump mechanism

- Refinancing

- Substrate-MIX

- Installation techniques