BioGasPlants Consulting
Consulting and Planning

Managing Projects Correctly

Investing in a biogas plant only pays off when it is operated at maximum cost efficiency from the start. To achieve this, everything must be done correctly even in the planning phase. Professional project management can help here. BGA can offer this to a high degree.

Many factors determine the success of a biogas plant:

- Biology

- Process technology

- Logistics

- Raw material supply and waste management

- Financing

- Capital procurement

- Plant construction

- Licensing processes

- Contract design

- Supply of gas/heat/power

- Construction


All these factors must be combined and assembled into an economically optimal result.  

Professional, independent commercial and legal project management as well as technical-logical optimizations can have a powerful impact, eliminating in advance problems that may occur down the road. Project management begins in the early design phase of a plant. As a project continues to progress, plan changes become more difficult and more expensive. This is why goal setting, project preparation, and planning should be conducted professionally, especially in a plant’s preparation phase, to avoid later difficulties.