BioGasPlants Consulting
Consulting and Planning

Our Core Competencies

BGA Consulting understands under the term core competency: focusing the “collective knowledge” internally and externally and to pass on to our customers and partners without restriction.

In the conception, planning, and implementation of biogas projects, BGA’s core competencies focus on these areas:

-     goal setting, contract drafting, and negotiating with stakeholders

-     organizing the entire project, planning project procedures and deadlines, scheduling

-     contracting with construction companies, suppliers, consumers of heat, electricity, gas, etc.

-     commercial documentation, including construction accounting according to the requirements

       of the financier

-     financing plan, including all calculations, comparisons, bank transactions, etc.

-     competent and independent review of all plans and the construction process when necessary,  

      use of exerts when necessary Conducting negotiations in all areas

-     creating and recording written documentation in all areas

-     regular reporting to all major stakeholders on the project’s progress


A biogas plant project is built-on many supporting pillars, which must be anchored in a strong foundation. It is important that you rely on experienced and competent consultants and planners. BGA Consulting can offer both!